After closing out the second year of Ravens Futsal Melee II, Jimi Barbarotta, executive director for Boonville Soccer Academy, couldn’t help but talk about what lies ahead for next year and the year after.
With 40 teams and over 240 kids, ages U9 to U18, participating in this year’s tournament at four different venues, Barbarotta said from his perspective everything went really well.
“I think it brought a lot of teams from around and I think it put Boonville on the map,” Barbarotta  said. “I think everybody was impressed with the venues and impressed with the tournament itself. We actually had to turn teams away this year so we are going to expand into some gyms next year and hopefully it will be a economic boon to the community.”
With over $4,000 raised from the tournament, Barbarotta said that money will go back into the soccer academy. But he said it wouldn’t haven’t been possible without the many volunteers, which included the Boonville Student Council, along with tournament director Stacy Wessing and Amber Barbarotta, tournament official.
The Futsal Melee Tournament is also one of a kind in that winners in each division were presented with guilded horns.
Barbarotta said the biggest compliment he got on the tournament was that everyone loved the referees.
“They also loved the venues and that it was run really well,” Barbarotta said. “We had a ton of people volunteering their time. However, the biggest compliment I got is that we were told it was the most professional tournament they had been in and that says a lot when you are talking about a soccer tournament.
“I think a lot of the restaurants were surprised by all the soccer jerseys that came in there. The hotels were busy I know and there were a lot of kids in Walmart from what I understand.”
Barbarotta said the tournament also featured some great teams.
“We actually had Springfield’s elite, we had Carerra’s in there and Boonville,” Barbarotta. “The play was fun to watch. I think it is just one of those games you just have to see it. Even when the kids lost they had a good time.”
In addition to the top teams getting guilded horns, Barbarotta said the players also received medals for their play.
The only real difference, however, in the tournament was the number of minutes in each half: U9-U12 played 18 minute halves and U13-U18 played 22 minute halves.
The following are champions from the Ravens Futsal Melee II: (U9 boys) Tamashi FC-Columbia, 4-0; (U10 boys) Tamashi-FC Navy, 3-1; (U10 girls) Tamashi FC, 3-0; (U12 boys) Sedalia Strikers, 2-0; (U12 girls) FC Legacy Midnight, Springfield, 2-0; (U13 girls) Sedalia Sting, 2-0; (U14 boys) FC Legacy Voltage, Springfield, 3-0; (U14 girls) Pink Panthers Premier, 3-0; (High School boys) Jeff City, 3-0; (High School girls), Blue Hotties, Springfield.
As far as Boonville teams, the Boonville Ravens U9 boys finished 0-4; Boonville Ravens U10 girls finished third at 0-2; Boonville Ravens U12 boys finished 0-2; Boonville Ravens U13 girls finished second at 1-1; Boonville Ravens U14 girls finished second at 2-1; Boonville Ravens high school boys finished third at 1-2; Boonville Ravens high school girls white team finished second at 3-1; and the Boonville Ravens girls green team finished third at 2-1.
Note: The Boonville Ravens girls high school white team fell in the championship to the Blue Hotties by a score of 5-3.