CMCA honors employee for 34 years of service to Cooper County

Gerald (Gene) Ulrich was pleasantly surprised during his last day at Central Missouri Community Action on Tuesday when his friends (co-workers) presented him with an award of appreciation. He has retired after 34 years with the organization.  
"From the second I met Gene, I could tell this man was extremely passionate about life and helping people. He has a very caring and loving personality and is empathetic to every situation," Central Missouri Action Community Organizer Evan Melkersman stated.
One week after Ulrich was elected Mayor of Bunceton in 1980, he was asked if he would serve on the Board of Directors of the then Human Development Corporation.  Ulrich joined the board and was elected President.  He has served on that board for 34 years. A few months after his appointment to the HDC Board of Directors, Ulrich was appointed to the Board of Directors Area Board by the Cooper County Commission and served for almost 18 years. Ulrich has served as President and Vice President numerous times over the years. Ulrich has served on the Enterprises Board of Directors for several years.
Ulrich could be found at CMCA's offices in Rose Cottage on High Street. Ulrich assisted individuals in need throughout Cooper County.
Ulrich was sad to leave CMCA and very thankful for the opportunities he has shared with his friends.
"I thank God for giving me another day so I can begin a new life in the retirement world. I want to thank Shirley, Evan, Kelley, Angela, Darin and everyone else that stopped by to see me and help celebrate my retirement. I thank God every day for my blessings and friends," Ulrich said.
Ulrich said he plans to enjoy retirement. At the end of this year he plans to take a trip to Australia.