Severe weather siren to test preparedness

On Tuesday, March 4 at 1:30 and 6:30 p.m., the annual severe weather siren test take place. All citizens are encouraged to participate in the test and treat it as a real disaster event.
Cooper County Emergency Operations Center Director Tom White is urging all residents to participate in the disaster preparedness drill to see if their plans are effective.
"We want them to treat this as if it is for real and to do things according to their plans. It is much different to talk about, than actually doing it. While going through the motions you may find out some problems. We encourage individuals not only to participate in this test, but other tests throughout the year, including fire and earthquake. Don't just think about tornadoes, think about ice and snow storms as well," White said.
White said the two different test times allow for options while individuals are at work or school and when they are home with family.
"We have invited all area schools to participate as well," White said.  
The siren sounds individuals will hear will include a three minute warning sound and then a three minute siren, making everyone aware that they need to take cover.
According to White, there is not an all-clear siren.
"There is never an all-clear siren given because often times the storms will train after each other (storm cell after storm cell). We do not want people to get confused," White said.
"I would encourage everyone to turn to local media to get updates on the situation," White said.