Breaktime convenience store to remain closed following fire caused by gas fumes

The Breaktime Convenience store located off of Highway B in Boonville will remain closed after a pump station near the station caught fire because of gas fumes seeping from a wall behind the station Tuesday afternoon.
Boonville Fire Chief Tim Carmichael said a call was received at 1:21 p.m. regarding a fire at the pump station located at the end of Americana Drive. Upon arrival the Boonville Fire Department quickly extinguished a small fire. They also covered the pump stationand the basin surrounding it with foam.
Boonville city crews also responded to the situation. Boonville Director of Public Works M.L. Caution said crews have been on the scene constantly since the accident occurred.
The Department of Natural Resources was called along with MFA Oil and both responded to the gas leak. Carmichael addressed the situation by closing  Breaktime and checking with the other surrounding businesses for potential problems. MFA Oil responded with an emergency response team while DNR sent a hazardous material expert.
As a precaution, the Breaktime fuel tanks were drained. The fire department stayed for almost five hours in case the situation changed. No injuries were reported but the Breaktime will remain closed until further notice.
Cauthon said if it was not for the accurate information given by two Ameren officials in the vicinity who are volunteer firefighters in their own communities, the situation could not have been dealt with as quickly as it was.
According to Cauthon, the pump station will be taken to Independence for repairs. Currently, the station is being bypassed so no businesses are shut down because of sewer issues.