School board decides to add marketing class at BTEC

The Boonville R-1 Board of Education decided unanimously to include marketing classes at the Boonslick Technical Education Center for next school year at the Wednesday evening meeting. The decision will add a full time teaching position.
The marketing classes will be offered for all high school students.
Boonslick Technical Education Center Director Karen Brosi, said after a meeting of community, business and education leaders, a consensus was formed that there is a need for marketing. Through a presentation, Brosi showed how students were needed to help market area businesses, especially with social media. Brosi said the high need for students in this field is increasing. The BTEC will offer classes encompassing all aspects of marketing.  
Students will also be able to join DECA, an organization that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the world.
In other news, the school board decided to allow for a two hour delay for classes instead of having school cancelled when roads look grim at the moment.
“There have been some instances where we could have had school, but we cancelled,” Boonville R-1 Superintendent Mark Ficken said.
He said this would allow a later start, which would allow time for roads to be cleared or other circumstances to be dealt with.
The board decided to advertise for bids to refinish the Laura Speed Elliott Gym floor. Ficken said the floor is in need of refinishing.