Katy Bridge phase one construction is fully funded

Phase one construction of the Katy Bridge is fully funded and will begin this summer according to the Katy Bridge Coalition. Katy Bridge Coalition Spokesman Ted Curtis updated the Boonville City Council of their total funds accounted for at the time at the Boonville City Council Meeting on Tuesday.
Curtis said the coalition has $732,023.07 as of Tuesday. The funds consist of $159,140.11 in the Community Foundation account, $22,826.70 in the Katy Bridge Coalition checking account, $8,666.54 in the Katy Bridge Coalition Memorial account, $45,420.72 in the Missouri Development Finance Board account and $5,000 in the Boonville City - UMB Financial account.
Other funds consist of the Katy Bridge Redevelopment Fund, which includes $60,969 and the Federal Transportation Funds, which includes $430,000.
Curtis said the coalition is working hard to promote tax credits and is hoping for more future Missouri Department of Transportation grants.
Phase one of construction will begin this summer, and will cost $650,000. Phase two will be next, costing $1.8  million followed by phase three, at a  cost of $1.1 million.
The coalition plans to update the city throughout the year on their progress.