Beach voices concerns on cost of rehabilitating Kemper Campus

Boonville Ward Three Councilman Ned Beach said he was opposed to spending any more money on the Kemper Campus or Science Hall until a signed document or contract was handed to the city. Beach said he believes that without a contract in place and the city rehabilitates Science Hall without a guarantee from State Fair Community College, the city could spend all this money and then have no tenant.
Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher said the State Fair board has already said they would expand to Science Hall but stressed it was the city who approached them, not the other way around.
Beach was concerned because of the over $2 million the city would invest. He wanted a guarantee.
Beach then therefore put a motion on the table stating the city put no further money into the campus until there was a guarantee from State Fair. The motion was seconded by Boonville Ward Four City Councilman Morris Carter. Beach, Carter and Boonville Ward Two Councilman Noah Heaton voted for the motion while the five rest of the council voted against. The motion failed.
Beach also commented on Former State Fair Community College President Marsha Drennon's written comprehensive plan for the Kemper Campus at a work session before the last Boonville City Council two weeks ago. Beach said the plan was not that different than the previous plans.
Thacher said this was the first time a plan has been on paper, a plan that can be given to a developer.
“We now have a plan that we can give to people whereas before when asked about the plan, we would say we have talked about this or that,” Thacher said.
Beach also expressed concerns of inflated cost of rehabilitating the campus. Beach was concerned the original estimates were too low.