Crazy for Loving You

Did the Grand Ole Opry move to Boonville? With the amount of talent showcased at Turner Hall over the Valentine’s Day weekend, it could easily have been a close runner for the iconic venue. With sold out crowds for the Annual River Rats for the Arts Love Notes Opry production, individuals were reminded of a past and present Nashville.
Music by Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks and Conway Twitty were showcased, just to name a few. While not to be confused with the actual artist, names were a little different, changed for creative purposes. For example, Cline became, DeCline and Twitty became, Twitter.
The performance followed the typical Grand Ole Opry form, which included commercials for local establishments in Boonville. KWRT's Dane Gregg was the voice for the performance as he lead segments as they went to commercial break as if they were broadcasting live.
 The production was directed by Dave Para and Cathy Barton who brought their Nashville expertise to the stage.
Commercials consisted of short hilarious skits, which were determined to make the audience laugh, and they did.
A full live band featuring local artist provided the background music for the entire performance. Between each song, jokes and entertaining commentary was relayed to the audience, who throughout the performance was very enthusiastic and lively.     
Breck Campbell, an area youth, received a huge applause after a performance of 'All Your Life.'  
“I have been coming to see Love Notes for several years and I thought it would be very cool to sing this year,” Campbell said.
Not only does Campbell possess a beautiful voice, she is also blind. This has not stopped her from participating and singing as much as she can, which she has been doing since she was three years old.
During the performance, Campbell said she was nervous but after much practice and water, she made it through.
“It was amazing. I have never sang with a live band before, which was awesome,” Campbell said.
Gregg was honored to have been the voice behind this year's Love Notes.
“I have been to several Love Notes and I always thought how I would like to be involved somehow. They came up with this and it was just a tremendous amount of fun,” Gregg said.
Gregg also said this showcases the immense talent Boonville has.
“If you have not seen the talent of the River Rats, you need to come to at least one event. You will be amazed,” Gregg said. “If they need me again, I will be here in a heartbeat.”