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I love old things. In fact, I prefer things with character over new items freshly out of a box (minus all my Apple products). These things can tell a story. What store did it originally come from? Who was the first person to purchase this item? Where has this item been through its many years of existence?
Long before I purchased the Walter Williams Home, I was always inspired by older places, homes and items.
In 1992, we bought the farm right next to my Grandpa and Grandma Lang. My dad had actually grown up on this farm since he spent a lot of time with Nora Hull, who owned the land and the well over 100-year-old two story farm house upon the hill. Nora was like a second grandma to dad. The home had a lot of stories kept secretly in the grain of the wood. Nora told dad stories when she and her husband Loyd Brickner moved into the home in the 1920s, grain was being stored in it.
Unfortunately, the home had to be demolished, but not before dad and grandpa salvaged as much as the home as they could.
A newer home was then built upon the place of the older home.
As I grew up, my love for things old intensified. I would visit the old log cabin near the farm that sat vacant of humans, but was was like the Super 8 Motel for Rattle Snakes. What story did this home have? Just looking at it, brought back the history I had learned of Westward Expansion. I could close my eyes and see the story of America unfold and wonder of the young souls who decided to make a life here at this place.
Seeing the cabin was like going back in time. There were no roads around, only out-buildings, which included a large barn. It had been a lively farm homestead at one time but now the only sound was the wind rustling through the trees. This cabin needed a restoration. But, unfortunately I was too young and did not posses the means nor money to rehab a structure that had been vacant when my grandfather was a child. But, the years have not been so kind to it.
These places had an impact on me. Why did I have such a fascination with these places? I wanted to go back and save them like long lost family members who have gone before us or were near death.
Time would go on...
After college, I soon got the chance to realize a dream of mine, one that included the purchase of a home that included everything I dreamed about during my childhood. Not only did it have stories to tell, it was the home to an individual who had changed the world.
Boonville includes so much of these stories and it is good to see people take interest in these pieces of history. For me, the dream is ever building. It was time to save a piece of history instead of watch it decay. With great gratitude to my parents, family and close friends for assisting me in this endeavor; I now can share it with all of you.