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While most were huddled near something warm, I would venture out into the snow. I loved the way the snow would make a pristine landscape. It has always been sort of magical.
I have always loved snow, in fact it has been a fascination. Throughout college, there would be few projects I would not create digital snow to fall on a summer landscape I had just filmed. It was as if I was turning down the thermostat of the hot summer sun and bringing in the coldness of a much anticipated brutal winter.
My love for snow began at a young age. I loved getting out of school for a day, maybe two and sledding across open fields.  
As I got older the fun turned into looking at the beauty instead.
There is something about a snow storm that reminds me of many years past. There is something about snow that is so simple, reminding us how our lives should be. But, instead we are stuck in a chaotic world, which is driving us forward into the bliss of insanity. It is the snow, at least in the winter that calms the nerves. There is beauty in every flake, beauty that resides in all of us.
While the snow fell yesterday, it brought back many memories of past snow storms in our area. There is no other place I would want to be than here during a snow storm.
When I lived back on the farm, the snow would start falling and it was time for me to take a walk to experience this occasion. Yes, I look at a snowfall as an occasion, an event that does not happen much.
Coat, gloves and good shoes would take me on the couple hour walk to see the simple nature of the event that was blanketing the chaotic fire of our lives like a white flat sheet covering patterns on a bed.
I would look up and see the flakes venture down. Some would ride the wind while others would drop like a concrete block from the sky. Gravity is a good thing.
The cedar trees would be engulfed with a flock of white while the leafless deciduous trees welcomed a fluffy glaze of snow. It was beautiful and simple. At a far glance, the colors consisted of two tones, not the many tones we witness in summer, spring or fall.
While I walked through the forest, the quietness and surreal feeling was enough to calm the wondering mind. All was still, except for the falling bits of frozen pieces of art (flakes) resting on this earth.
Soon, it would be time to get back home. Walking back to the house would prove to be a little difficult at times but well worth the extra energy. And, of course, home is where it was warm.
As I look back, the beauty of our winter landscape is nothing to take for granted. It reminds me to slow down and see Creation and the core simplicity of it in our own backyard.