Boonville High School shows their spirit for Courtwarming

Last week, the students of Boonville High School had a little fun and celebrated Courtwarming. The theme was 'Welcome to the Jungle.'
Starting off the week, was 'Sports Team Jersey Day.' Students supported different teams by wearing their jerseys. Tuesdays theme was 'Tacky Tourist.' Everyone dug up their 1990s clothes attire and fanny pacs and roamed the halls with binoculars. On Wednesday, students terrified some substitutes because it was 'Gender Bender' day. The boys pranced around in dresses and wigs while the girls wore their pants down low. Thursday was 'Jungle Print' day and Friday was 'Blue Crew' day where everyone wore their BHS shirts to support the basketball team.
Each year, the grades compete to see who can create the best banner to show off the game. This year, the sophomores took first place. Following behind them, the seniors, and then the juniors, and as always, the freshman.
The students go all out for spirit days because it gives them a reasonto  have fun and support the teams. The teachers especially love them, because they get an entire week to cheer on the team and join in on the festivities by wearing jeans!
The game was postponed until this Friday. The dance will follow directly after the game. In between the game, the Courtwarming King and Queen will be crowned. Up for nomination is Brianna Worthington and Dylan Snapp, Courtney Payne and Jeff Ruffalo, Taylor Tutin and Andrew Broyhill, Tyler Peterson and Aly Wessing, Connor Loesing and Kristin Hoff and Anthony Brown and Gina Bonilla.