Old man winter is no deterrent for raising funds for Missouri Special Olympics

What could possibly be important enough for individuals with the Missouri Department of Corrections to leave the confines of their warm homes to stand on the rooftop of C&R Market in freezing temperatures? It was the drive they had to raise awareness and funds for the Missouri Special Olympics.  
KWRT's Bob Bosma was also asked to assist in the endeavor.
“We have been up on the roof, enduring the wind and the cold. There are 17,000 young athletes in the State of Missouri and four million world-wide,” Bosma said.
Bosma said the Special Olympics is the largest sports organization in the world. The Special Olympics is a year-round program of sports training and athletic competition in 21 separate sports.
Before the light of sun peaked on this Friday morning, individuals were braving the cold already. After four hours, more than $700 had been raised. Correction personnel along with local law enforcement will brave the cold and snow until 6 p.m., ending a 12 hour fundraiser for the special cause.