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Wire Photo Wednesday : Smooth Swing, Smooth Ride
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The second edition of #WPW.  If you’ve got any cool wire photos in your personal collection and would like to see them in a future post send them along.   Johnny Fisher U-M Golf NCAA Champion 
Johnny Smooth…
– A sweet shot of Michigan golf legend John Fischer’s swing, NCAA individual title champion in 1932 and he later won the 1936 U.S. Amateur (which golf fans know is a big fricking deal – and even more so back then).

 Serenity Now Woody! 
Serenity NOW COACH! – In the aftermath of Woody slugging Clemson’s Charlie Bauman, here’s a look at Buckeye Ken Fritz trying to calm the old boy down.


 Bo out of the Tunnel 
Take the Field – An awesome shot of Bo leading out the troops, presumably before a spring practice/media day event. 

 Essex Bennie Oosterbaan 
Smooth Bennie – When you are the greatest athlete U-M has ever seen they put you outside the Ferry Field football gates in a fresh sled and take your photo.   Even in 1927.
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