Music and pies, what a great combination

The 19th Annual World Famous Pie Auction garnered almost $8,000 for the Boonville band program on Friday, January 17 at the LSE auditorium. The program included the fifth grade band all the way up to the Silver Pirate high school band who performed for a large audience during the auction of pies.
Starting off the night was the Second Annual Chili Dinner, which raised a total of $580. Following the dinner, the Derendinger Auction Service, a team combined of Tim Derendinger, Randy Reynolds, David Mendoza, David Stock and Seth Hutchison, kicked off the pie auction.
Col. David Stock was honored to be apart of the night for the fifth year in a row.
"We do this every year and it amazes me the response that we get from the people of Boonville," Stock said.
Along side the auctioneers, Marcey Caldwell and Tara Loesing from A. Baker Floral, helped in the Pie Pit. It was their second year helping and they donated tuxedos for the auctioneers for the evening.
"We had so much fun helping out last year so we had to come back. It is great to help out the band," Loesing said. "We had a great crew Friday. The teachers, volunteers, band directors and students, including the parents and bidders were awesome. Everything went very smoothly and we look forward in helping for many years to come."
A total of $7,240 was raised auctioning of the pies and they collected $140 from selling pie by the slice. At the end of the night, a total of $7,960 was raised for the bands. The money is used to purchase new instruments and uniforms for the students. The money will also be used to provide scholarships for students to attend summer camps.
"The pie auction is always an entertaining evening and the community support for the students in the band is wonderful. The audience had a unique opportunity to listen to the progress the students make from the fifth grade, beginning band, to the high school band level, which includes students who have been playing for five to eight years," Hartley said. "This is the first time ever fifth graders were featured playing solos and they did an outstanding job in front of the full audience."
Fifth grade flute player Kaylin Hartsock, played "Mary's Little Lamb."
"At first, I was a little nervous to play in front of everyone, but I practiced my solo a lot and did a good job," Hartsock said.
Senior baritone player Amber Kennedy along with Noah Heaton, made a total of three pies to sell in the auction. Two of their three pies auctioned off for $105.
"I was so excited to see my pies sell for so much! Adam Christal, a classmate, bought one of our pies for $105 which made Noah and I very appreciative. I was also glad my dad got the other pie for $105 because after I made it, I didn't want to sell it," Kennedy said.
Amber Sartain, a Boonville band graduate of 2011, came back and enjoyed watching her brother Garett Sartain play in the high school band.
"My little brother made three pies and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. The music was great and I enjoyed the night," Sartain said.
The band was grateful for the continued help and support from community and volunteers.
"I want to thank the community for supporting the band. That is what it is all about. I want to give a huge thank you to all the people that helped, including David Stock, Randy Renyolds, Seth Hutchison and David Mendoza," Col. Tim Derendinger said.