Cooper County residents to vote on extension candidates

COOPER COUNTY —Cooper County residents of voting age will have an opportunity to vote and elect members to the University of Missouri Extension Council.  The elected and appointed 14 members of the Cooper County Extension Council guide and direct extension work within the County.  Council members serve a two-year term.
Cooper County is divided into two voting districts.  District One includes all residents who live in the Boonville 65233 zip code or the Blackwater 65322 zip code area.  District Two includes all residents of Cooper County except those living in the Boonville or Blackwater area.  Each voter may only vote in the district they live in.
The election is scheduled to run from Monday, January 13 through Friday, January 24.   During that time frame there will be a link from the extension office’s website at: that will enable voters to vote online.  There will also be paper ballots available at the office for anyone who wishes to vote in person.
If you have any questions, please contact the office at 660-882-5661 or by e-mail at