Cooper County Sheriff warns against scam

The Cooper County Sheriff's Department is warning of a scam residents where a robotic voice calls asking individuals to give them personal banking information.    
"We have received numerous calls from area citizens yesterday, regarding a phone scam that is circulating throughout the community.  The reports have been specific to cell phones at this point.  The number displayed on your caller identification takes a form of 253-638-27 or 314-253-638-27 or similar number that does not fit the normal formatting for phone numbers.  These calls generally are informing you that one of your credit card or bank accounts have been blocked or compromised and that you need to enter your account number to unlock it, Do Not Do It. This is a scam and once you punch in your account number the scammers have accomplished their mission and have the ammunition they need to open multiple lines of credit in your name," Cooper County Sheriff Jerry Wolfe stated. 
According to a release by the Cooper County Sheriff's Department the scammers are assuming the credentials of several different banks and credit cards and are, in some cases, asking for account information on credit cards not owned by the intended victim.
It is recommended that no one provide any information that is unique to a distinctive individual unless the distinctive individual is initiating the contact.