Unlimited Opportunity facility rising above ground

The new Unlimited Opportunities facility is rising from the land of its former footprint and is now beginning to take shape. The facility is located on Highway 5.
“For the last several months, work has been progressing on the new Unlimited Opportunities Building. After the initial site work, which included clearing and grading the property, work started on the water retention system on the north and south sides. This work continues. Progress on the building has taken place in and on ground level; that work hasn’t been as visible, but the foundation is essential.  At the front of the property, the footings and pad are completed for Savvy Seconds, and the steel beams are being set for the walls and roof," a release from UOI stated.
Work will soon begin on the recycling portions of the facility.
"Next, work will begin on the footings and pad for the recycling portion, which is at the back of the property. Those walls will then be constructed. The center of the building, which houses offices and several programs, will be the final stage of the building. As areas are closed in, the shape and size of the building will become much more apparent," the release stated.
The facility is due to completed in the fall of 2014.