Marcia Imhoff running for Cooper County Treasurer

Blackwater resident Marcia Imhoff is currently running for the position of Cooper County Treasurer on the Republican Party ticket in the August 5, 2014, Primary Election. Imhoff has resided in Cooper County her entire life.  
"I have served for several years as Chief Deputy Clerk in the County Clerk’s office.  I am responsible for all aspects of elections in Cooper County," Imhoff said. "My duties as Chief Deputy Clerk have included working with several facets of the Cooper County Treasurer’s office, including my familiarity with all of the funds and accounts within each county fund.  For the past several years, I have made entries, debits and credits, balancing these funds with the treasurer’s accounts.  I am proficient in posting accounting entries balancing with the county budget."
Currently Imhoff is running unopposed.