Boonville schools
to go solar

The Boonville R-1 School Board decided to move ahead with a contract with St. Louis based Brightergy to install solar panels on all district buildings at the Wednesday evening school board meeting. The vote was unanimous.
Brightergy's John Germano was on hand to answer any last minute questions at the meeting. Germano said after the buildings passed their inspection, the company will now begin installing the new 25 Kilowatt solar panel systems in the spring.
Brightergy was founded in St. Louis in 2003 and offers turnkey design, installation for commercial solar and electric systems. According to Brightergy, it owns the solar panel system and leases it directly to the client for a fixed and predetermined monthly price.
The district will enter into a five year lease, which allowed the district to lock in a rate for the term of the lease. And since the lease remains the same, savings could be greater as time progresses.
The District may purchase the equipment at the end of the lease or enter a new lease.
Each system will be placed on the roof of each school building.