Prayer shawls warm up the season for young and old

Six Boonville residents have turned their hobby of crocheting into a gift for many around the United States.
Every Wednesday at 2:30 p.m. these six volunteers gather at A Touch of Claas Salon to craft Prayer Shawls. These shawls are given to infants and children at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, local veterans and residents at local nursing homes. After tonight, there will have been 825 shawls given in the past four years. A child as young as 22 weeks old to an individual as old as 102 have received shawls.
Linda Claas, owner of A Touch of Claas Salon, said she provides the refreshments and drinks while the volunteers provide the yarn and their time. Claas said she enjoys providing the facility and refreshments for the group.
Once completed, each shawl is blessed by a minister and then is presented as a gift to anyone needing the shawl. The shawl could be a scarf or baby blanket.
“When a 22 week old baby received a shawl was the most powerful experiences we have had,” Claas said.
Claas also said 12 shawls were handed out in one night at Children's Mercy Hospital.
“We have received numerous 'thank you' cards from individuals, which we keep in a scrapbook,” Claas said.
More volunteers are always welcome and are asked to contact Claas for further details at 660-882-2600.