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    Q: Who are the owners of the business?
    A: David Wurdeman-Owner
    Catherine Shanahan-Travel Coordinator
    Q: When did you open?
    A: November 2, 2011
    Q: Briefly describe your business?
    A: We are a full service travel agency; however, we specialize in mission travel and faith based travel such as trips to the Holy Land, retracing the journeys of Paul and Christian cruises.
    Q: Why take the plunge now?
    A: I have always loved traveling, and helping others plan their next adventure. I feel there is a need for the specialization of travel that our agency provides, more so now than ever. We have two main goals. Our first goal is to help groups with mission travel so that they are able to serve the Lord in destinations worldwide. Our second goal is to assist individuals and groups in planning and booking travel to the Holy Land, other various Biblical destinations, and on faith based cruises. We strive to provide this experience in the most economical ways possible for the travelers.
    Q: Where are you from?
    A: I was born and raised in the small community of Cole Camp. Shortly after my wife and I were married, we moved to Columbia. In 2003 we moved to Boonville to be closer to my family who were having health concerns, and to get back to the small town feel.
    Q: What is you background, and how does it relate to your business?
    A: I worked in the transportation industry for 30 plus years. During this time I did my share of traveling. When taking family vacations, I would sit and plan out the entire trip. Also, being involved with our church I began helping with the various mission trips and making the travel arrangements. Planning travel of all kinds is something I have always enjoyed.
    Our son and family are currently on the mission field in the Caribbean. My wife and I have been on various mission trips over the years. Mission work is very dear to our hearts.
    Q:What activities do you enjoy in your free time, if you have any?
    A: Free time? Well there is not as much as I would like. I recently had to move my 91 year old mother into our home. So, between operating the business and taking care of her needs, there is not much free time. Sure, I could place her in to a nursing home and make it about me, but Jesus instructed us to take care of the poor, the elderly and the widows. I see it as my biblical honor to take care of her. When I have free time I enjoy my sports teams of Missouri such as the Boonville Pirates, Mizzou and the Cards. I enjoy fishing and music. I really enjoy the time my wife and I can have together doing things, just the two of us.
    Page 2 of 2 - Q:How are things going so far?
    A: Business is good. We are having a constant flow of mission groups traveling. Also, we have several group cruises booked along with a variety of family vacations.
    Q:Plans for the future?
    A:Keep doing what we have been doing, only better. Recently, Catherine Shanahan has joined the agency, and will be focusing on travel to the Holy Land and other Biblical destinations, as well as faith based cruising. She has a background in both leisure travel and corporate travel, and looks forward to building the leisure and educational travel side of the business. We will also be expanding our worldwide mission base travel to serve even more groups as they work in the mission fields. I feel that God is leading us into areas that we never felt possible, but with His guidance, all things are possible. Remember: "by Air, Rail, Land, or Ship...we're here to plan your trip"
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