School starts fundraiser for typhoon victims

After the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, students in Boonville are taking it on themselves to provide some much needed help to the victims of the typhoon.
At Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School on Friday, an assembly was held to give light to the disaster.  
Maria Imhoff, S.S. Peter and Paul eighth grade class of 2007, shared information about the aftermath and how it has impacted members of her family who live in the Philippines.
“The students were all ears and I could tell they were interested by the many questions I was asked,” Imhoff stated.
Anecita Sancho, parent of a Saints Peter and Paul student and Missouri State Chair of the National Federation of Filipino American Association, discussed with the students some of the effects and the relief efforts currently underway for the victims.
Students also saw pictures from Saints Peter and Paul staff member Rose Bolyard’s hometown of Daan Bantayan, before the storm and pictures of her and her siblings and the devastated homes after the storm.
“They have lost everything. It was a moving experience,” S.S. Peter and Paul Principal Alan Lammers said.
Not long after the assembly the Saints Peter and Paul Student Council decided to begin a fundraiser to raise $1,000 that would go directly to assisting the Phillippine victims.
Within hours, $300 was raised, edging closer to the goal.
Currently, there are collection containers in each classroom and the fundraiser continues all week.
Imhoff was very elated about the fundraiser and thanked the school administration for teaching the children the wonderful gift of giving.