Pilot Grove grocery store opened Saturday

Tyler's Market has officially opened up in Pilot Grove after the community organized an effort throughout spring and summer to build a facility to house the new grocery store.
Cody Tyler, owner and manager of the store, said opening day went well but it was not without some first day glitches.
"We thought we had everything loaded into the computer ready to go but we didn't," Tyler said.
The Tylers quickly got the problem fixed. Instead of an item being able to be scanned, each barcode on each item had to be manually put into the computer prompting a little longer wait in the checkout.
Tyler said since it was the first day, everyone was very understanding.
From the time the store opened a steady flow of people visited the store to purchase items.
Tyler said the store is competitive with its prices.
While Tyler is managing the store currenlty, eight area individuals have been hired to work at the store after training is completed.
Tyler also plans to add additional merchandise shortly since the store is currently not at full capacity.
“I hope everyone is satisfied with what we are doing and they keep coming back,” Tyler said.