BHS Humanities class learns about Africa

Boonville resident, Julius Udinyiwe, visited the Boonville High School Humanities class this week to teach the students a little about Africa.  It is an annual tradition for Udinyiwe to speak to the class about his home back in Nigeria. With the assistance of his sons, Josh and Philip, he dressed each student in authentic Nigerian clothing and then spoke about his mission trips back home.
Senior Adriana Vivas was first to channel her African princess look in the Nigerian clothing.
“It was my favorite part of his presentation. Just being able to wear the authentic African clothing was remarkable,” Vivas said.
“The students always love hearing Julius share his experiences growing up in Nigeria. He truly inspires students by sharing his experiences about his Hope projects and he adds to their knowledge about Africa,” BHS Humanities Class Instructor Abby Courtney said.
Udinyiwe will be leaving for Nigeria this upcoming Monday for a two week visit.
“In previous trips, I have installed two wells to supply many people with water. Next week, I will be digging a hole for the third well in the village,” Udinyiwe said.
In addition to that, after visiting the local school house in earlier trips, he was shocked about the school conditions. He wanted to empower the students there by giving them something that would belong to them. During his presentation, he talked about how import it is to a child to possess something that they can call their own, so he created a desk for each student. It was a huge upgrade from their old desk and the children, as seen in his video, were very appreciative.
“During this trip, I will also be working more on the school's construction. The school isn’t just a place of learning, it is also a church,” Udinyiwe said.