Annexation Proposal fails, officials still hopeful

The Tuesday election garnered a 13 percent total voter turnout despite the gloomy rainy day. While the annexation proposal passed with over 72 percent of the vote within the City of Boonville, annexation failed to receive the votes it needed to pass in the proposed annexation area with nine out of 16 voting against.
In Boonville Ward One, 51 people voted for annexation and 25 voted against the measure. In Ward Two, 140 people voted in favor and 35 voted against it. In Ward Three, 129 voted in favor while 58 voted against. In Ward Four, 70 voted in favor while 36 voted against. There were 27 absentee ballots cast with four of them voting against annexation.
Hail Ridge Golf Course Operator Bill Rapp said the benefit for the City of Boonville is very good. Although the failure of the annexation was discouraging for Rapp and his business partners of the Arthur Henry Development, he said he would be working very hard to get it passed in the next election. Rapp said development will take a little longer than planned. He had hoped to forward good news to a hotel who wants to build on the property, but that news will have to wait.
Boonville Mayor Julie Thacher said she is still hopeful about annexation.
“We will continue to work real hard on this matter,” Thacher said.
Thacher said she was very pleased with the support and turnout of the Boonville voters, especially being a relative small election with only two issues on the ballot.
The Boonville Tourism Bed Tax passed with over 76 percent of the vote, which will raise the tax from four percent to five percent.
“I think people understand the importance of the tax and what it does for the city,” Thacher said.
In Pilot Grove, 85 people showed up to vote on a sewage and wastewater bond measure. The measure passed overwhelmingly with only seven people voting against.