Hartzler’s representative answers constituent questions

More than a dozen Cooper County citizens showed up at the Boonville Library Tuesday evening to meet with one of Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler’s Field Representatives, Cole Karr, to ask questions about Obamacare and other issues of concern to them.
Several members of the audience stated they (the public) didn’t know enough about Congresswoman Hartzler and how she feels about some of the major issues. An invitation was reissued for Hartzler to come speak to the people in person.
Besides Obamacare, questions covered the Amnesty Program for Illegal Aliens, the United Nations Agenda 21, voter ID, Social Security being mislabeled an entitlement program, cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits, jobs continuing to be shipped overseas, and the Fair Tax.
Some of the questions the audience asked to see answered in Hartzler’s newsletter include:  Where do you stand on the Federal government now wanting to track every mile we drive so they can tax us accordingly? Why is so much of the food we produce in the United States shipped overseas to be processed in countries that don’t require food inspections, and why aren’t we inspecting it when it comes back into our country? Since the federal government requires bids before awarding government contracts, why wasn’t the Obamacare Website awarded this way? How do you stand on a law that requires all laws to be written in the vinacular that a person with a 12th grade education could read and comprehend?
Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler can be reached on Twitter - @rephartzler and  facebook.com/congresswoman.hartzler or by email at www.hartzler.house.gov
Office phone numbers: Columbia 573-442-9311, Lebanon 417-532-5582, Harrisonville 816-884-3411, Sedalia 573-442-9311, and Washington, DC 202-225-2876.
Want to know how each member of Congress voted on a given issue or if they did, indeed, vote? Go to: www.govtrack.us/congress/votes.