Annexation, tax, bonds to be voted on

Residents will vote on some important issues in Tuesday's election including an annexation, bed tax and Pilot Grove sewage and wastewater improvements.
The annexation proposal will include the potential annexation of the 87 corridor all the way to Interstate 70.
“This corridor is the next natural growth area for the City of Boonville. The investment of infrastructure that has occurred and will occur has not been burdensome on the city,” Boonville City Counselor and Planner Megan McGuire said.
McGuire said partnering with the Arthur Henry Development has made it much easier to plan, especially when they are working with individuals with a plan. According to McGuire, this has made it much more economical for the city.
“Folks have the opportunity to continue as they are. If they want to upgrade their sewage or water, the infrastructure will be in place to do so,” McGuire said.
If passed, the annexed area will include police and fire protection along with animal control and city services such as trash, sewage and water. The Cooper County Public Water Supply District will supply water service through their water distribution system down the Highway 87 corridor. Fire protection, for the time being will be a joint effort between the Cooper County Fire Protection District and the Boonville Fire Department.
A raise in the bed tax only affecting individuals staying in hotels and motels is also being voted on. The tax proposed will rise from four to five percent.
According to Boonville Tourism the goals consist of increasing the number of "heads in beds", build on the uniqueness of Boonville and enable residents and businesses to receive the most benefit from tourism.  
The Tourism Commission is a branch of the City government funded entirely by the hotel bed tax. The tax is not a tax on the residents of Boonville. It is a tax applied only to those who spend the night in a hotel, motel, B&B or campground in the Boonville city limits.
In the upcoming 2014-15 fiscal year, the Commission will share in a joint effort of replacement of the Downtown white lights, promote a large Christmas Festival and increase the funding of sports tournaments.
Citizens of Pilot Grove will vote on sewage system bonds in the amount of 2.3 million dollars for the purpose of extending and improving the sewage and wastewater systems in the city.
Citizens of Boonville will vote in four different locations. Ward One residents will vote at the Cooper County Court House. Ward Two residents will vote at the United Methodist Church. Ward Three residents will vote at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Ward Four residents will vote at the Immanuel Lutheran Church. Pilot Grove residents will vote at the Pilot Grove Community Building.