Citizens to vote on annexation on Nov. 5

By Edward Lang
On November 5 Boonville citizens will be voting on a Highway 87 corridor annexation. The annexation area will be much smaller than the previous annexation attempt, which will include an area of 243 acres.
If passed, the annexed area will include police and fire protection along with animal control and city services such as trash, sewage and water. The Cooper County Public Water Supply District will supply water service through their water distribution system down the Highway 87 corridor. Fire protection, for the time being will be a joint effort between the Cooper County Fire Protection District and the Boonville Fire Department.
“This corridor is the next natural growth area for the city of Boonville. The investment of infrastructure that has occurred and will occur has not been burdensome on the city,” Boonville City Counselor and Planner Megan McGuire said.
McGuire said partnering with the Arthur Henry Development has made it much easier to plan, especially when they are working with individuals with a plan. According to McGuire, this has made it much more economical for the city.
“Folks have the opportunity to continue as they are. If they want to upgrade their sewage or water, the infrastructure will be in place to do so,” McGuire said.
Boonville Fire Chief Tim Carmichael said the BFD will have no problems responding to incidents in the area since the distance up Highway 87 is no different than distances on the other corridors within the city. He said the BFD will work jointly with the Cooper County Fire Protection District until water hydrants are installed throughout the corridor.
The Boonville Police Department has made preparations to add the proposed annexation area to its regular patrol routes.
“We anticipate no problems servicing the residents or businesses affected by annexation,” Boonville Police Chief Bobby Welliver said.
As far as infrastructure upgrades, Boonville City Administrator Irl Tessendorf said there will be not much the city will have to do.
“Within the first 12-18 months, water hydrants will be installed (hydrants to assist the BFD in fire protection) and within two years, an emergency siren will be placed in the annexed area,” Tessendorf said.
Tessendorf also said the city has plans within three years to do a minor extension of the sewage system near Highway 98.