Alliant Bank donates money for Bridge

BOONVILLE–Alliant Bank has become the first Boonville business to invest in a fundraising program to restore a local landmark, the MKT Railroad Bridge. Regional Vice President Bruce Thompson presented a $5,000 check Monday afternoon to Paula Shannon, executive director of the Katy Bridge Coalition.
"I hope this sets a precedent and encourages other businesses to consider investing in the community this way," said Irl Tessendorf, Boonville City Administrator.
The City of Boonville was awarded tax credits through the Missouri Development Finance Board to assist with fundraising for the bridge restoration project, an effort that has been estimated at over $1 million. The tax credit program allows the city to raise $130,000 thereby creating $65,000 in tax credits for those donors.
"This is a fine program and not administratively difficult," Tessendorf said. "It's a nice way to contribute to a program with a lot of benefit to the community. It's also a great way to direct state dollars to a local cause."
According to the Web site, Allstate Consultants has completed an estimate of probable costs for developing the Katy Bridge for pedestrian use. The estimated cost is divided into two phases. Phase One would develop 900 feet of the north side of the bridge and 3,000 feet of trail approaching the bridge. The estimated cost of Phase One is $485,500. Phase Two would develop the south span plus replace the missing 62 feet of the approach bridge and also complete the lift span for pedestrian use. The estimated cost of Phase Two is $512,600.
"With the engineering firm selected and a designer working on the project, we should have something to show the community soon," said Shannon.
The unique lift-span bridge was built in 1931-32 with the last train crossing in 1986. For more information, visit