City urges residents to keep their street and gutters clean

BOONVILLE — With the fall rain and cool sunny weather the grass has re-energized to grow combined with falling leaves.  This can make for a beautiful lawn, but it also can create problems that impact the city’s infrastructure and safety if not properly taken care of.  The City of Boonville would like to remind citizens who mow their own grass and rake their own leaves as well as lawn care services to, please, comply with three sections the City of Boonville Code of General Ordinances which prohibit blowing or depositing of grass clippings and other yard waste and debris on sidewalks or in the street and in gutters along a street.  The applicable ordinances are, Section 20-7, Cleaning Sidewalks; Section 21-130, Solid Waste Prohibited Practices and Appendix E Section 13, Storm water Management, Interference and Damage.  The ordinances addressing grass clippings and yard waste debris are in-place to protect personal and property safety from careless and thoughtless actions of others.
Grass clippings and leaves blown into the street or on a sidewalk are unsightly and spoil any effort expended to make an adjacent yard attractive.  The accumulation of the debris on a sidewalk can and will create a trip hazard for pedestrians.  Inevitable and significant property damage will be caused by flooding when the grass clippings and leaves flow to and clog storm water drain inlets.
“Clogged Storm drain inlets are a constant problem and preventable” says Director of Public Works, M. L. Cauthon.  “We have a limited number of personnel and time to accomplish an endless list of tasks.  To have to clean a clogged storm drain inlet, often in heavy rain, is a distraction and waste of resources; especially, when the problem could have been prevented”. Cauthon said.  Boonville’s Health Inspector, Glenn Bishop deals with property nuisances and public safety issues on a daily basis.  “Grass clippings and leaves littering a public sidewalk are a bothersome nuisance”.  “All it would take to prevent is the slightest attention to detail when someone is working on their lawn” Bishop offered.
Boonville’s mayor, Julie Thacher, expressed her appreciation of citizen efforts, “as a community we do well at taking care of our city.”  “There is always a little more we can do together, complying with these laws and by helping to spread the word is a good example”.  “If you use a lawn care service, ask them to not blow clippings and leaves in the street or on sidewalks” Mayor Thacher added.