Boonville students to learn to be drug and bully free

What will students do during Red Ribbon Week? According to Boonville schools, the students will not only be having fun but also will be learning about being drug and bully free between October 21-25.
One School, One Goal is the theme for this year's Red Ribbon Week. For Hannah Cole Primary each day will be filled with fun activities.
“Next week Hannah Cole Primary will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week.  This week is set aside nationwide to increase awareness of the dangers of drug abuse.  The students are learning about making healthy choices and how to say “no” when faced with negative peer pressure.  October is also Bullying Awareness Month, so we combined both into the theme. We have many fun and educational activities planned for the week,” Hannah Cole Guidance Counselor Becky Dowell said.
On Monday, students will wear red and will receive a “One School One Goal, Bully and Drug Free” ribbon.  Each student will sign a banner for the hallway pledging to be bully and drug free.  On Tuesday, students are urged to wear their boots, which will boast a special red ribbon week coupon provided by McDonalds. On Wednesday, students will wear their favorite hat. For those who participate, they will receive a bookmark. The end of the week-long celebration will will allow students to wear (weather appropriate) pajamas. Students will receive a special sticker.
David Barton Elementary will hold similar activities for a week-long celebration.
“We will also be doing many exciting and fun activities at David Barton to help kids learn to say 'no' to drugs,” David Barton Elementary Counselor Deborah Maxwell said.
On Monday, students will wear bright cloths to express that David Barton is too bright for drugs. On Tuesday, a 'One School, One Goal' will also be the theme of the day. Wednesday, students will be able to wear their favorite team shirt and on Thursday students will wear miss-matched socks while the students will 'sock it to drugs.'
At Laura Speed Elliot Middle School one student from each grade will be chosen as “best dressed” who will then receive a prize.  Prizes are being donated by local businesses such as Carrie Lyn’s Ice Cream Parlor, Breadeaux Pizzeria, and Home Theatre.
Students will wear red, white and blue on Monday to take a stand for a drug free land. On Tuesday, students will wear a team jersey of their choice. Students will don a hat on Wednesday and on Thursday they will end the week, wearing all red.
The commons area of our school will be decorated with a banner designed by LSE art students.
In addition to red ribbon week, the school will also hold a canned food drive. The grade who brings in the most food will win a prize.
Students will also design posters, which will be hung around school. The top posters will win a prize.
Local Boonville resident Carley Esser will talk to the students about making healthy choices and saying 'no' to drugs during a Wednesday assembly at LSE.
At Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School students will begin their Red Ribbon Week Observance on Monday October 28. Students will be able to sign a banner, which will hang in the gym to pledge themselves to remain drug free.
 On Tuesday, students can wear hats to signify they are putting a cap on drugs. Thursday the students will walk around Boonville before returning for their harvest party.