New Boonville Bucks to resemble a check

Boonville Bucks have been redesigned to resemble a check, which will allow businesses to take them directly to their bank instead of receiving reimbursement from the Boonville Area Chamber of Commerce Office.
“The new Boonville Bucks will be available in November. The bucks will be printed electronically like a check. Only the name of the merchant will need to be filled in,” Boonville Area of Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Kim Alberts said in the chamber newsletter.  
Alberts said merchants that receive these new bucks will be able to deposit the bucks like any check at a bank.
The Boonville Bucks program was created to encourage local shopping, which strengthens the area economy and supports local business growth.
“The Bucks come in denominations of $5 or $10 each. Boonville Bucks are redeemable for merchandise or services only. Please remember, these Bucks are vouchers or gift certificates, which cannot be redeemed for cash or “cashed in”. Bucks will expire one year from date of purchase,” Alberts said.
Boonville Bucks are valid at most businesses in Boonville. There is no cost to the merchant for accepting Boonville Bucks.
“Please ask the business if they accept Boonville Bucks before filling out the merchant’s name on the voucher,” she said.
Once an individual decides what products or services they want, they must fill in the name of the merchant that they are using on the Boonville Buck.
The chamber newsletter stated the purchasers have sole responsibility for loss, theft or destruction. The chamber cannot replace certificates that have been lost, destroyed or stolen. The Chamber will not replace Bucks that have been filled out with a personal name. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and or user to make sure the Boonville Bucks are accepted and completed properly.
It also stated the holder of the Boonville Bucks certificates are responsible for paying cash differences. No cash refunds. The merchant has the right to deny the use of Boonville Bucks if a purchase is less than 75 percent of the face value of the Chamber Bucks being presented.
For more information on the Boonville Buck Program it is recommended an individual call the chamber at 660-882-2721.
“Please remember to give us advance notice if you wish to order Boonville Bucks. We can then prepare them before you come to our office,” she said.