The Boonville Pirates soccer team had one stretch in the second half where they dominated the Mexico Bulldogs for a 15-20 minute span while reeling off back-to-back goals to tie the match at 2-all last night at the BHS Sports Complex.
Of course with the match still tied at 2-2 at the end of regulation, the Pirates and Bulldogs battled for another 20 minutes still with no change in the score. But that all changed in the penalty shootout as the Bulldogs outscored Boonville 4-2 for a 3-2 victory.
Although the loss set the Pirates back to 4-6 overall and 0-5 in the NCMC, head coach Tim Brown said his team started off pretty sluggish but came back with a fury toward the end. “After we were down 2-0, there was a 15-20 minute spell that was all us-we scored twice to tie it up, but we probably could have scored three or four,” Brown said. “Unfortunately, we couldn’t capitalize, and we were eventually ousted in a penalty shootout.”
While the Pirates dominated the second half against Mexico, the Bulldogs won the first half by scoring the only goal at the 9 minute mark to go up 1-0.  Meanwhile, in the second half, Mexico came back again at the 43 minute mark with a goal to extend the lead to 2-0. However for the next 37 minutes, Boonville dominated the Bulldogs with two goals, both coming on an assist from Tyler Drew to Alec Adair at the 53 and 56 minute mark to tie the match at 2-all.
Boonville and Mexico battled back and forth in two overtimes, with the Bulldogs finally winning on a penalty shootout.
Mexico also won the battle on shots and goal and shot attempts against Boonville. While the Bulldogs finished the match with 19 shots on goal and 23 shot attempts, Boonville had only 11 shots on goal and 17 shot attempts.
Senior goalie Nathan Green, meanwhile, had another stellar night in front of the net with 17 saves.
As for fouls in the match, Boonville had five compared to four for Mexico.
In the junior varsity match, Mexico defeated Boonville by a score of 2-0 with both goals coming in the first half at the 7 and 16 minute mark.
Brown said the JV Pirates gave up one silly goal and one decent goal and then had a difficult time getting anything going on attack. “It didn’t help that there were four players missing,” Brown said.
Mexico also finished the match out-shooting Boonville 6-0 on shots on goal and 10-6 on shot attempts.
The Bulldogs also had two fouls in the match compared to zero for the Pirates.
As for saves, sophomore goalie Matt Shafer had four stops in the match for Boonville’s JV, who dropped to 3-4-1 overall.