Dr. Ward surprised with celebration for 40 years of service

Dr. John Ward was pleasantly surprised when he walked into his practice in downtown Boonville Tuesday evening. More than 20 friends and family were waiting to surprise and congratulate him on his 40th year of having a practice on Main Street.
“It has been a very rapid 40 years,” Ward said.
Although Ward was well aware of the 40th anniversary of the practice he was not aware of the celebration it would include and the faces he would see waiting for him. Dorothy Farris, Ward's first employee at the practice was there to congratulate him on his achievement. One of Ward's first gestures was to hug Farris after he walked in the door. Ward also told the story how the two of them operated the practice for one and half years on their own at the beginning.
“I have had great help through the years,” Ward said.
Some of Ward's patients were on hand for the celebration.  
“He has done an amazing job. He has been my doctor for a number of years. He is a sincere doctor,” Cooper County Memorial Hospital Board President and occasional patient of Ward, Mike Conway said.
Ward said the idea for the celebration began over two months ago when Ward's wife, Nancy, asked Ward what he wanted to do for the 40th celebration.
“I told her I wanted to do absolutely nothing,” Ward said. “It should just be another day and that is how we left it.”
Ward said when he came to practice here this is what he wanted to do. Ward's practice has focused on babies on up to the elderly.
Ward is one of the last practitioners to have their own practice.
“It is getting to a point where doctors like to be in groups,” he said.
Ward thanked all for attending, especially Christie Eichelberger and Linda Simmons for planning the event. Individuals enjoyed refreshments and shared stories from the last 40 years during the evening.