City of Boonville receives grant to revitalize another building on Kemper Campus

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) has awarded the City of Boonville a grant for $1,292,961 to revitalize Science Hall on the Kemper Campus.
For several months the city has been eagerly awaiting word on the grant, which was submitted this past June. Last week, the city received word they had received the grant from Senator Roy Blunt's office.
The city will match the remaining funds for the project in the amount around $1,632,599. The total project cost is $2,925,560.
The money will be used to revitalize the building and add it into the State Fair Community College Boonville Campus. The building will be used for workforce training to enhance job skills and employment opportunities. The training offered will include two year degrees to qualify for the over 250 unfilled positions in the region's high-skill, high paying technology industry.
In a Boonville City Council Meeting in May Dr. James Gann said with the decreasing job market in manufacturing and the increasing market in IT jobs, these jobs are ever expanding in Columbia with an ever growing vacancy as well.
"Companies are trying to fill these positions as fast as they can," Gann said. "What the tech jobs want are certificates of performance. We need the capacity to offer these certificate programs.”
According to an email from the EDA it stated grants are awarded through a competitive process based upon the applications merit, the applicant's eligibility and the availability of funds.
More information will be known at the next city council meeting on Monday October 7.”