CMCA Team celebrates with a picnic

The Central Missouri Community Action Cooper County Community Action Team held a picnic for members of the group Sunday evening at Harley Park. They hope this will become an annual event each year where the group's accomplishments are recognized.
The team's focus is on helping the community. In the past they have assisted in a Toys for Tots drive, helped the People's Food Guild in growing food for the community and will be holding a paper drive for community members who cannot afford products such as toilet paper and other products used everyday.
CAT Team President and cook for the group when need, Kevin Wadeen said the event was a celebration of the year.
"We had talked about this in the past about showing appreciation for everyone. We got together, planned it, and now we are having it," Wadeen said.
Wadeen cooked the hamburgers and hotdogs along with bringing some homemade potato salad.
Wadeen said he and the team hope to add more to the event, maybe having it twice a year.
Boonville Ward Three Councilwoman Becky Ehlers has been getting involved with the group since being approached by CMCA Community Organizer, Evan Melkersman.
Ehlers said she attends the meetings to get updates on the group.
"There are a lot of energetic people in this group who are doing a lot of good work for the community," Ehlers said.
Melkersman thanked the individuals who made the event happen.
"This is a great group who has great things going for them right now," Melkersman said.
The event lasted for an hour as individuals enjoyed the fair weather and food.
"Somehow someway, no matter how small, sometimes that is all it takes to help someone," Wadeen said. "We just have to continue our work."