Boonville featured in Midwest Living Magazine

Soon the leaves on the trees around Boonville will change to many different colors. Not only is it a good time to be outdoors, but many individuals find Boonville a place to visit and vacation to to see the colors.
"Fall is a popular season for Boonville tourism. As the temperatures drop, our visitor numbers rise. The Katy Trail is especially popular — bicyclists love the relatively cool weather and the gorgeous fall colors," Boonville Tourism Director Lisa McClary said.
McClary said in addition, Warm Springs Ranch is more popular than ever. The ranch is the breeding facility for the famous Budwiser Clydesdales and is located on Highway 98 near the Overton-Wooldridge Exit off of Interstate 70.
“If you want to visit the Ranch, you need a reservation. They run tours twice per day every day except Wednesday, from April through October,” McClary said.
She said the fall colors bring many tourist, which increases every year.
Boonville was recently featured in a three page spread in Midwest Living Magazine.
“Being featured in Midwest Living is just a great thing. It's like winning the tourism lottery. We are meeting lots of people who came to Boonville because they saw it in Midwest Living, and we are receiving a lot of calls about Warm Springs Ranch and the Katy Trail. A full page ad in Midwest Living costs $125,000, an impossibly high price for us. Because of the article, Boonville received $375,000 worth of advertising for free,” McClary said.
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