Festival of Lights brightens September

For the past four Thursday's Boonville's Festival of the Lights began and ended without any hitches. Thursday night concluded the festival for the 2013 year and according to reports many individuals showed up to show support to local businesses.
Festival of the Lights Director Roz Gordon said the festival went very well.
“When I stopped at the movie at 7:30 p.m. it was packed with individuals,” Gordon said.
The film, Monsters Inc., was shown at the former location of the Stein House at the corner of Main and Chestnut streets.
Gordon said individuals enjoyed the festival, including the vendors.
“Bingo was great, vendors were happy. In fact, there was more participation from vendors this year,” Gordon said.
Activities Gordon plans to expand on include the golf course, which was located at the corner of Main and Spring streets. She said the committee has more ideas as well.
The final night boasted winners of many items including dinner for two at an area restaurant and bikes. Sandy Troost won a dinner for two at the Settler's Inn, Susan Brown won a small boys bicycle and Brian Perry won a small girls bicycle.
Gordon was very thankful for the vendors who participated.
“If it was not for the vendors, there would not be a festival,” she said.