Katy Bridge Wine Walk deemed a success

Downtown Boonville was filled with wine enthusiast as they drank and purchased wine from many different wineries around the state at the Fourth Annual Wine Walk Saturday evening.
Katy Bridge Coalition member Paula Shannon said good weather, vendors and music contributed to a successful Wine Walk. She said the crowd represented 26 different communities and zip codes, including individuals who came all the way from San Francisco.
While the event was dedicated to tasting wine from the nine wineries, artists from Columbia were busy painting the Hotel Frederick. Products made strictly in Missouri were sampled and Boonville resident Jim Bradshaw helped shuttle individuals, with assistance from the Isle of Capri Casino and Hotel, to their vehicles while dressed in railroad attire. Bradshaw, according to Shannon, was one of the Katy Bridge operators.
This year's Wine Walk included two new additional wineries and an additional host, Never the Same.
"Individuals got to see the wide range of stores in downtown. From an appliance store, to a jewelry store and a re-purposed furniture store, the hosts were as diverse as the wineries," Shannon said. "The people seemed to really enjoy the variety."
During the event, Shannon said the music being performed in each location helped in providing a good atmosphere.
"Instead of individuals going off to another vendor, they stayed longer at each location because of the music," Shannon said.
Individuals also stayed and purchased items at local shops including at A Baker Floral and Company.
"The Wine Walk was incredible. We even made quite a few sales during the event," A Baker Floral and Company Owner, Marcey Caldwell said.
Caldwell has been participating as a vendor for three years. She looks forward to participating next year as well.
Shannon said 500 tickets were sold totaling $7,500. Ticket sales will be used to restore the bridge.
Shannon was very elated with the response and said each year the Wine Walk gains attendance.