Groundwork progressing for UOI facility

It was not long after the ground breaking ceremony, which was witnessed by more than 200 people, that work began on the new Unlimited Opportunities (UOI) Facility.
"It was great to have so many people together at the site. The last time that many people were there was probably the morning of the fire," UOI Human Resources and Executive Assistant Lynn Kellner said.   
Grading of the site has been completed including the removal of several trees. The building footprint has been laid out with compacted gravel.
An update from UOI stated the new building will sit more south on the property than the old building. The new parking area will be where the old building sat. The building will stretch from west to east with the recycling facility being located on the east side.
Savvy Seconds will be at the front of the building on the west end with store parking located there as well. The rest of the parking will wrap around the front of the building, on the north side, extending to the recycling facility. To the north of the parking lot, an access drive to recycling will allow the trucks, compactors and other vehicles to move safely in the area.
Located between recycling and Savvy Seconds will be the main offices, Targeted Case Management offices, the Family Support Program, Individual Supports Program, and the BII Day Program. This area will also include a conference room, training area, kitchen and lunch room.  
The 'Buy a Brick, Build our Future' campaign is continuing to help raise funds for the project. These personalized engraved bricks will line the walls of the main entrance of the new building. Bricks can be purchased in three different sizes, at three price levels: $100, $200 or $400. Bricks can commemorate a special date, be a memorial remembrance or honor a person or event. More information is available at the UOI office or from any staff member.