Purple Heart to be escorted through Boonville Tuesday

A Purple Heart medal will be escorted through Boonville on its way to Nevada. The medal will be attended by United States veterans on motorcycles.  
The escort will begin in St. Louis as multiple Patriot Guard groups hand off the medal to other groups as it travels to its final destination. The medal belongs to Pvt. John F. Eddington who was killed in Italy on June 27, 1944. The medal is being escorted to the final destination of Eddington's daughter, Peggy Arlene Eddington, who was born just months before her father's death.
St. Louis resident Donna Gregory is making the trek from St. Louis to Nevada. Gregory is also the individual who recovered the story about Eddington and found his daughter. She also reached out to the Patriot Guard with throughout the United States including Central Missouri and Boonville.
According to the guard, the local Central Missouri escort will leave Tuesday morning from Columbia. The escort will make its way through Boonville Tuesday morning between the hours of 8:30-9 a.m. Local citizens plan to wave the escort on at multiple Boonville overpasses.