The Boonville Lady Pirates tennis team had a tough loss on the road last night by dropping all 12 matches against the Marshall Lady Owls.
While the loss dropped Boonville to 2-3 overall and 1-2 in the NCMC, head coach Stephanie Green said it was a tough match us the girls in terms of players being gone for an equally important event.
“We moved players into positions they wouldn’t have seen perhaps until two seasons from now,” Green said. “It was good in terms of pushing our players against good competition. Cook played a rough match, including having to stand her ground for what she believed was correct. It was a tense and upsetting situation but she handled it exactly the way we like our players to-with conviction, sportsmanship and grace. Elbert/Redden and Penny/Xufuris all played two matches and improved with each game. Kristen Williams was our trooper tonight playing two doubles and a single match and giving 100 percent each match. Despite the loss, it was a night of gaining confidence that the good work the girls have been doing in practice is beginning to show in match play.”
The Lady Pirates definitely had their hands full against Marshall after dropping all six singles matches.
At No. 1 singles, junior Amy Shipman fell to 3-2 overall and 1-2 in the NCMC by losing to Marshall’s Taylor Crawford 10-0.
At No. 2 singles, junior Kelsey Gerlach dropped a 10-2 decision against Payton Beeler.
At No. 3 singles, senior Amanda Cook was upended by Amanda Harrelson 10-4. At No. 4 singles, freshman Jessica Leathers lost to Idalia Aguilar 10-1. At No. 5 singles, Kelsie Williams fell to Jessie Lappin 10-4. Meanwhile, at No. 6 singles, Kristen Williams dropped a 10-1 decision against Elizabeth Pomerenke 10-1.
Of course it didn’t get any better in doubles as Marshall recorded wins in all six matches for the shutout.
At No. 1 doubles, the team of Shipman and Cook fell to the team of Beeler and Harrelson 10-5.
At No. 2 doubles, Gerlach and Leathers lost to Crawford and Aguiar 10-2. At No. 3 doubles, Williams and Williams dropped a 10-1 decision against Lappin and Pomerenke. At No. 4 doubles, Sabrina Elbert and Kelsey Redden was upended by the team of Gann and Lundervold 10-2. Meanwhile, at No. 5 doubles, Makayla Penny and Jordan Xufuris lost to the team of Lines and Simpson 10-0.
Boonville also forfeited the No. 6 doubles position.
Meanwhile, in the only doubles match, Susie Dains and Kristen Williams fell to the team of Swift and Kays 8-4.
The Boonville Lady Pirates tennis team will compete in the Osage Tournament on Saturday, Sept. 14th starting at 9 a.m.
Then, on Monday, Sept. 16th, the Lady Pirates will host the Hannibal Pirates in a conference match starting at 4 p.m.