Davis memorials assisting in restoration of the Katy Bridge

The family of the late Pam Davis have received tremendous support since her passing. Her partner in preservation, Stanley Thomas, said he and the family have been receiving memorials and checks, which will be given to help restore the Katy Bridge. As of Thursday afternoon, $6,365 has been collected so far.
Thomas firmly believes the bridge is a focal point for Boonville tourism, once developed, he said an array of development will follow.
"The bridge was chosen because it represents Pam's way of thinking for the last several years about Boonville," Thomas said.
Paula Shannon of the Katy Bridge Coalition was 'honored beyond words' when Thomas decided the memorials to be suggested in support of the bridge. Davis was an avid supporter of the bridge and member of the coalition.
"I think it makes a great statement about her life," Shannon said. "This personifies how important this piece was to her."
Shannon also said she knew how much she cared about Boonville.
"She has been with us since the beginning with the bridge," Shannon said.
Thomas told a story when he found out the bridge was going to be dismantled. He said he told Davis she should go this meeting being facilitated by Union Pacific to voice concerns over the dismantling of the bridge. To Thomas, he felt the bridge was a pivotal part of Boonville. Davis went to this meeting. He said she had her hand up for a question and once her question was dismissed, she walked out.
"We have traveled around the country and we know there is as much history here than almost any place in this country," Thomas said.
Thomas is still collecting memorials as they arrive in the mail everyday. A Facebook page in Davis' name has been created to assist in the memorials.
Donations are coming from all over the state and country.
"The knowledge of the Katy Bridge is being embraced by many," Shannon said.
Thomas has been very honored and thankful with the memorials he has been receiving for Davis.
Thomas said both Davis and himself believed Boonville's past would be its future.