Boonville’s No. 2 doubles team Kelsey Gerlach and Carley Esser didn’t have any trouble getting up for the 11th annual Lady Pirate Open Saturday at the high school tennis courts.
While the Lady Pirates tennis team finished fourth out of five teams, Gerlach and Esser more than did their part by placing second overall behind the team of Danielle Lee and Rachel Kucera of Fulton.
As for the final-team standings, Moberly finished first at 4-0. Osage placed second at 3-1, followed by Fulton at 2-2, Boonville at 1-3 and Lexington at 0-4.
Boonville tennis coach Stephanie Green said the records on the day don’t adequately show the great competition there was in so many matches. She said throughout the day teams played two two game differences and tiebreaks, so there was leveled competition at almost all positions.
“The No. 2 doubles matches that determined first place went to a 9-8 (11-9) score between Boonville and Fulton,” Green said. “The No. 1 singles match determined first place between Moberly and Fulton and went to a 9-8 (7-5) score. Overall, although we ran a bit slow early on, once we could keep putting on matches, the day went more quickly.”
Lee and Kucera finished the tournament at No. 2 doubles with a record of 4-0 while Gerlach and Esser placed second at 3-1, Shelby Snell and Amanda Washam of Moberly at 2-2, Courtney Turner and Mandee Reahr of Osage at 1-3 and Mikaylin Turner and Kayleah Tye of Lexington in fifth place also at 1-3.
Green said fourth and fifth place was decided by head-to-head competition, which Osage won over Lexington.
At No. 1 doubles, the team of Amber Morris and Kelsey Fanning of Moberly finished first with a record of 4-0.
Ana Blachser and Hanna Bayshore of Osage finished second at 3-1, followed by Gracie Hegeman and Laurel Royer of Fulton at 2-2, Bethanie Florence and Christina Noland of Lexington at 1-3 and the team of Amy Shipman and Amanda Cook of Boonville at 0-4.
At No. 3 doubles, the team of Dora Bax and Jessie Smith of Osage captured first at 4-0.
The team of Yvonne Geldner and Savannah Dollinger of Fulton finished second at 3-1, followed by Maria Linares and Laura Ryles of Lexington at 1-3, Lexi Brand and Gabby Hubbard of Moberly also at 1-3 and the team of Kelsie Williams and Megan Roth of Boonville in fifth place at 0-4.
In singles, freshman Jessica Leathers finished third overall at No. 1 singles at 2-2 while Breanna Beran placed fifth at the No. 2 spot at 0-4.
Emily McCarter of Moberly won No. 1 singles at 4-0 while Suzie Whitmore of Fulton finished second at 3-1, Jessica Leathers third at 2-2, Kristina Ruck of Osage fourth at 1-3 and Allison Lueck of Lexington fifth at 1-3.
Meanwhile, at No. 2 singles, Allesa Wolfe of Moberly captured first at 4-0. Kaitlyn Ruck of Osage finished second at 3-1, followed by Jessica Popkey of Fulton third at 2-2, Natalie Scogin of Lexington fourth at 1-3 and Beran in fifth place at 0-4.
Green said she was pleased with the level of play of the Boonville players and their tenacity throughout the day.
“There was tough competition in the singles brackets and Leathers made big strides in gaining some confidence and knowledge about match play,” Green said. “Beran also learned throughout the day and gained experience. Shipman/Cook played well after their first round match and even though the scores don’t necessarily show it, they played tough, smart points against some good competition.
“Williams/Roth at the number three spot also gained a lot of experience and since it was really the first time they played competitively together, we saw good things come from their matches. Both players gained confidence and better communication skills through the day. By the end of the day they were also both hitting with more authority and moving well. Gerlach/Esser proved once again why they are so much fun to watch. In their third match of the day against Moberly, they were down 3-7.
“After channeling their inner beasts, they won the next six games to win 9-7. The last match of the day was another nail biter. Gerlach/Esser were on top by a game until 7-6, dropped the next two games, came back to tie it 8-8 and fought hard during the tie-break. They were down 1-4, came back to 4-6, from there on out it was a constant back and forth until the 9-10 score. They just didn’t get that last point they needed, but they were so exciting to watch.”