Pilot Grove school receiving improvements

In a letter from Pilot Grove C-4 Schools Superintendent DJ Leverton, states during the August school board meeting the board voted on the new tax rate for the 2013-14 school year. The tax rate is set on a yearly basis and is based on the assessed value of the property in the school district.
"We were able to keep the debt service levy unchanged from last yeas as we stated during our bond campaign," Leverton stated in the letter. "The state allowed the district to have a bond levy of $1.03 but the school board reduced the actual levy to 90 cents. We will still be in a good financial position even with the lower rate. Our goal is to operate the district as financially sound as possible while maintaining education as the high priority."
Leverton stated there are several projects going on at the school due to the passage of the bond in April.
"The new cameras are being installed and the entry systems have been designed and ordered. Each entry system had to be designed and then the glass had to be made to the specifications from the drawings. The school board approved the drawings for the entryways at the last meeting. Our goal is to have the cameras up and running next month and the new entry systems in place by the middle of October," Leverton stated.
The parking lot project will soon get underway.
"The school board had a chance to look at the preliminary drawings for the parking lot project. Once we get the plans approved we will begin to get bids for the paving project. We believe this project can still be accomplished prior to winter," Leverton stated.
Furthermore, the science lab is under construction, which is on task to be completed in October.