Attorney Larry Tate was large contributor to international organization

Boonville — On Thursday morning local resident and United States Veteran Tom Maxwell presented Boonville attorney Larry Tate with an artist rendition of the A-3 Skywarrior.
Over ten years ago Maxwell approached Tate and asked if he would assist with the legal incorporation of the A-3D Skywarrior Association, a international organization based around the largest plane to ever fly off of an aircraft carrier.
"If the organization would be non profit he would do the required incorporation pro bono," Tate said.
So in October of 2000 Tate drew up the Skywarrior Association by laws for incorporation as a 501C3 non profit corporation.
While Tate received an artist rendition of the plane Maxwell will also make Larry an honorary member of the A3 Association.
The A-3 Skywarrior, which Maxwell flew in Vietnam was not only the largest aircraft to operator from carrier decks but was historic in the service to the Navy and Nation. It served as an original nuclear strike bomber, a conventional bomber, an airborne tanker, a photo collection aircraft and finally as an electronic warfare platform. Retiring in 1990 the Skywarrior served our nation for almost fifty years.
The Association ( has grown into an international organization with over 1,300 members with membership from mostly the United States, with additional membership overseas. Of the 1,300 members some 233 are life members. The Association recently completed it's fifth reunion at the Naval Air Station, Whidbey Island Washington where the A-3 started it's life as a United States Navy weapons system. With a mission of preserving the history of the association is currently worth over $125,000 dollars and has assisted in placing 17 A-3's in museums throughout the country. The EA3B Skywarrior bailed to the USS Yorktown in Charleston Harbor in 2011 was the aircraft that Maxwell flew over 50 combat missions in 1968 from Danang Air Base in Vietnam.
Maxwell gave a big thanks to Tate for his part in this historical effort.