Ficken continues as Boonville superintendent

Boonville–On August 27, 2013, the Board of Education of the Boonville R-I School District met in executive session to review the investigative report prepared by Dr. Jim Ritter, retired Superintendent of Columbia Public Schools, and Mr. Rick Williams, retired United States Navy Judge Advocate and former Missouri Assistant Attorney General.   On behalf of the Board of Education, Dr. Ritter and Mr. Williams were hired to perform a thorough investigation of Superintendent Dr. Mark Ficken’s role in the Missouri State Fair Rodeo Incident.  In the course of their investigation, Dr. Ritter and Mr. Williams interviewed multiple individuals and analyzed video footage of the Missouri State Fair.  The investigation was performed over multiple days and was summarized in a detailed report.

The report found that after careful review of the facts and opinions available to the investigators, “Dr. Ficken has been wrongly characterized by some who don’t have correct information. “   In particular, the report found that Dr. Ficken “had no advance knowledge of Mr. Gessling’s [the clown’s] plan to have someone impersonate President Obama,” the skit was “not planned or rehearsed,” and notably, Dr. Ficken had “no role in the skit other than an incidental reaction to Mr. Gessling’s  comments.”  Further, the report concluded that Dr. Ficken “has done nothing that would interfere with his role as an effective superintendent of schools in Boonville.”

The Board voted 5-0 to accept the findings and conclusions of the investigators.  Per the requirements of the Missouri Sunshine Law, Dr. Ficken was notified of the Board’s vote prior to releasing the vote to the public this morning.

The Boonville R-I School District Board of Education is confident in Dr. Ficken’s leadership.  Under Dr. Ficken’s leadership the district will continue to provide the best educational opportunities for its students and looks forward to another successful school year.