LETTER TO MoDot from
Cooper County commissioners

This is a letter from the Cooper County Commission to the Missouri Department of Transportation regarding the Highway 41 Lamine River Bridge.

Dear Mike Schupp,
The Cooper County Commission is writing to express its support for the proposed replacement of the Highway 41 bridge over the Lamine River during the FY 2013. The Commission urges MoDOT to ensure that the bridge replacement project remains in the current STIP COnstruction Schedule.
The Commission has heard recently from a local citizen group that has expressed concerns regarding safety issues in the current bridge replacement plan. In addition, several hundred citizens have signed a petition in recent weeks, in which MoDOT is asked to consider an alternate road alignment plan.
Because the concerns of the citizens appear to raise legitimate safety issues, the Highway Commission has sent the citizen's plan to MoDOT staff for cost analysis before reaching a decision. The Cooper County Commission respectfully requests that MoDOT also preform a cost-benefit comparison between the current MoDOT plan and the citizen group plan.
The Highway 41 corridor is a major route for agricultural service, public safety and tourism to Northwest Cooper County. When completed, the bridge will serve our constituents for decades to come. Therefor, the Cooper County COmmission urges consideration of all factors before deciding, which plan to approve. A new bridge is needed at this location on the Lamine River and would be a great benefit to the citizens of Missouri.

Eddie Brickner, Cooper County Presiding Commissioner
Paul Davis, Cooper County Eastern District Commissioner
David Booker, Cooper County Western District Commissioner