Almost 900 signatures gained for Lamine River bridge petition

Almost 900 signatures have been received under a citizen petition for the replacement of the Highway 41 Lamine River Bridge. Concerned citizens garnered petitions after a current plan by the Missouri Department of Transportation was released.
The current MoDOT plan consist of putting a whole new bridge in the same location as the current bridge. Area concerned citizens have created a plan as well, which constructs a new bridge to the west along with keeping the old bridge in use while the new one is being constructed.
The letter also recommended to MoDOT the cost-benefit comparison be made between the current MoDOT plan and the citizen plan. The letter also asked MoDOT to study both short and long term implications of both proposals.
The bridge is seen as a key access point to the northwest Cooper County area, which is surrounded on three sides by rivers.
According to Litton, the MoDOT commission was very welcoming to their presentation at their August meeting in Framington. He said they were very helpful and welcomed them with open arms during and after their presentation was finished. He said MoDOT officials had many questions are are reviewing their proposal.