Boonville school board decides to hire Dr. James Ritter to investigate state fair incident

Boonville–During a Boonville R-1 School Board closed session meeting held on August 13 a motion was put on the table by Jim Gann and seconded by Barb Holtzclaw to retain Dr. James Ritter and an assistant of his choice to perform an investigation of the Sedalia rodeo incident, which occurred on August 10.

Dr. Ritter will investigate if indeed Boonville Superintendent Mark Ficken had anything to do with an incident, which caused outrage at the Missouri State Fair last Saturday.

Dr. Ritter was a former superintendent for the Columbia Public School system between the years of 1998-2003. He has also served as interim superintendent for Columbia schools.

The hourly rate for his assistance is $50 including expenses, and indemnity for Dr. Ritter and his assistant. This motion carried by a vote of 6-0.

Boonville R-1 School Board President Charlie Melkersman said he expects the findings by Dr. Ritter to be delivered to the school board within two weeks.

Melkersman also said the board wants to be thorough and fair with the investigation.